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WoW Insider Guild & Characters

Damien Barrett

Here's a quick update on how our guild building has been going. C.K. started the guild charter a few weeks ago and we have a few signatures, but neither he or I have had much time to play over the last week or so. We'll get it going eventually, but it may be awhile. In the meantime, if you'd like to play along on Akama with us, here's our Akama names:

SERVER: Akama. (this server will be where we play our WoW Insider horde characters).
Damien = Dab (undead warlock)
C.K. = Cks (undead warlock)
Josh = Kulain (tauren druid)
Mike = Groon (undead rogue)

SERVER: Chromaggus (this server will be where we play our WoW Insider Alliance characters).
Damien = Dab (human warrior)
C.K. = Cks (dwarf hunter)

And here are the characters we play on other servers, which we may or may not be on at any given time, including quite rarely. I'll update this list as other WoW writers get me their info on characters (if they wish to publicize them).

SERVER: Gorefiend
Damien = Shuffle (dwarf paladin)
Damien = Floss (night elf rogue)

SERVER: Argent Dawn
C.K. = Chaosyeti

SERVER: Bloodhoof
Josh = Krios (gnome warlock)
Josh = Kulain (night elf rouge)
Josh = Kelmor (dwarf hunter)
Josh = Kamoox (night elf priest)
Damien = Shuffle (gnome mage)

SERVER: Shadowmoon
Josh = Kulain (undead rogue)

SERVER: Shadowsong (EU)
Jennie = Arjuna (night elf druid)
Jennie = Kerowyn (human paladin)

SERVER: Dragonmaw (EU)
Jennie = Selenay (tauren shaman)

SERVER: Venture Co. (EU)
Jennie = Arjuna (tauren hunter)

SERVER: Cenarion Circle
Mike= Wakeman (paladin)

SERVER: Lightning Hoof
Mike = Greenslade (Alliance hunter)

SERVER: Emerald Dream
Mike = Slubbergull (troll priest)

Please feel free to add any or all of us to your friends lists on any servers listed above that you might play on, and particularly on the two servers we've indicated where we'll be building WoW Insider Horde and Alliance guilds. Hope to see you in game!

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