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19 inch LCD might pull triple duty

Kevin C. Tofel

We noticed that Peripherals has a solid review of the ViewSonic VX924 19-inch LCD monitor and we got to thinking. With a street price around $380, could this black black and silver beauty pull triple duty as a PC, gaming and high-def monitor?

The VX924 comes with a DVI input, so a WMCE with an HD tuner card and a DVI out on the video card gets a 720p signal to the 1280 x 1024 display. We'd expect some letterboxing bars on the top and bottom of the display unless you can stretch your programming. Additionally, the speedy 4-millisecond response time should rock if you're a PC-gamer.

What do you think: a sub-$400 triple threat or just another big LCD monitor? Is anyone using something similar to catch some high-def on their computer?

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