Kodak EasyShare V570 gets official

Check it: remember those pics of the EasyShare V570, that new dual-lens, five megapixel digital camera we had some sneaky pics of back in August? Yeah, well Kodak officially announced the camera today. The big selling point for this one is obviously the dual Scheneider-Kreuznach C-Variogon lenses, one is a 5x optical zoom lens, the other's a 23mm ultra-wide angle lens, which Kodak claims makes this the widest angle consumer digital camera on the market. The slick part is that the camera can seamlessly move between both lens depending on how much zoom you're looking for -- you don't have to press any buttons to use one lens or the other, you just zoom in and out as you normally would. The EasyShare V570 also has a 2.5-inch LCD screen, 32MB of internal storage, an SD memory card slot, and automatic red-eye reduction, and should hit stores later this month with a retail price of $399. Click on for a few more pics.