Samsung's CES booth tour

Barb Dybwad
B. Dybwad|01.06.06

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Samsung's CES booth tour

It's hard to convey exactly how big 25,000 square feet of floor space really is, but suffice it say that the word "booth" is a bit of a misnomer when applied to the space Samsung is occupying at this year's CES. Getting from one end to the other is no easy trick, either -- we had to elbow many a slow-moving gadgethead to get these shots to you, dear readers.

The YP-Z5 flash player is one thin stick of audio.

The YM-PD1 PMP with DMB contains all the acronyms you'll ever need... in Korea.

The SCH-A970 for those about to swivel.

The YP-U2 flash player appears to descend from the YP-U1, but we're not sure exactly what the difference is (other than cosmetic), as the specs are basically the same.

Something about the term "ultraslim" gets lost here in this version of the d807.

Samsung is Xtremely Xcited about their sports camcorders, and so is this guy.

Wall o' DLPs.

My, what a smart dryer you have! All the better to sanitize you with, my dear.

The BD-P1000 will be the first Blu-ray player to roll out in the U.S.

"My, what a large 82-inch LCD TV you have!"
"What, this old thing? This is just the spare bedroom."

We were gratified to see that Samsung sets up their show floor breaching wall just like our setup in the Engadget offices back home.
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