Samsung just unveiled a killer DMB player, the YM-PD1 (YM-P1 pictured right) complete with video recording and TV-out capabilities. The personal media player features alone are enough to make this device wish list worthy, but the obvious spec here is Digital Media Broadcasting (DMB) reception, giving you DVDish quality satellite TV wherever you might happen to be, as long as that place doesn't happen to be the United States. You can get it in 20GB and 30GB flavors, along with supplemental storage via SD, and play MPEG4, WMV, AVI, Divx, and Xvid files on it's 4-inch screen. It will also let you play those MP3, OGG, ASF, WMA and Secure WMA Playback files you might have lying around. If you (somehow) manage to run out of ways to stay entertained, you can listen to and record FM radio with the device, or just take pictures of yourself watching TV on the player and then send them to you jealous friends living in the stone age United States.

[Via Samsung HQ]