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Sony's CES booth tour

Sony's CES booth tour
Barb Dybwad
Barb Dybwad|January 6, 2006 8:15 PM

Today we had a chance to walk around and get some hands-on time with a bunch of the products Sony's been pimping so far at CES during the press preview and the Stringer keynote. Here's a visual smorgasboard of the eye candy in the Sony booth:

The Sony Ericsson W810i is reminiscent of our beloved K750i except it will ship with a headphone connector that will actually let you plug in any standard 1/8-inch headphones. We're not huge fans of the confusing three-buttons-in-one interface and the loss of the dipstick, but the dedicated media controls are nice. This'll be out in the States in Q1.

The new Vaio SZ notebook:

is the usual thin and light goodness from Sony. That EDGE radio on the right side seems like it would be dangerously prone to snapping right off, though.

The NW-A3000 Walkman:

The Sony Reader:

Obligatory PS3 pr0n:

A new Cybershot, the DSC-T9 is a 6.0 megapixel cam that'll be available in about a month for $449.

The 82-inch Bravia display prototype supporting xvYCC:

The DCR-SR100 Handycam hard drive DV cam:

The DCR-DVD505 Handycam:

And of course, mucho Blu-ray schwag:

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