Kodak's CES booth tour

Marc Perton
M. Perton|01.08.06

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Marc Perton
January 8th, 2006
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Kodak's CES booth tour

Kodak's new logo was nowhere to be seen at the company's CES booth, no doubt because the branding was unveiled after the show opened (though we can't help but think that any company serious about its image would have gremlins updating the booth while the rest of us sleep to bring it up-to-date). Also missing — or a least playing a secondary role — were Kodak's cameras. The focus was very much on what consumers can do with photos once they're taken, rather than on taking the pics themselves.

Using an Xbox 360 to display a Kodak image gallery.

The latest version of Kodak's drugstore printing kiosk, which supports Bluetooth and IR for quick printing from cameraphones. Crowds were lined up at CES to get free prints out of this one.

Kodak's vision of the perfect home, with wall-to-wall pics, and two fridges to provide enough space for those not worthy of wallspace.

Piles of prints.

One of the few Vegas-themed booth events. Kodak's Hold 'Em table let visitors play to win Kodak products.

Ah ha! So, Kodak does still make cameras!
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