MythTV update available

Kevin C. Tofel
K. Tofel|02.15.06

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MythTV update available image
MythTV update available image
MythTVMythTV, a Linux-DVR alternative to WMCE that supports HDTV via over-the-air, just announced a sizable upgrade. Version 0.19 has an abundant list of features and fixes, so we won't bore you with the full list; you can read it while you download the latest and greatest version.

Actually we'll share one just because use a similar function on the Xbox 360 as a Windows Media Extender: a popup keyboard so you don't have to use the remote for text input. And then there's the new support for DTS passthrough audio. Don't forget the signal monitoring support. Oh wait, we said we weren't going to hit you with the list...

[via eHomeUpgrade]
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