HD-DVD vs. Beta-Ray

The MS fans at GamerScore are so confident in the success of HD-DVD they're calling Blu-ray "Beta-Ray":

. One company out there has a $1,800 Beta-ray player (no release date) – one that doesn’t even play CDs! For 1,800, you could get a $500 Toshiba player, and about 40 HD movies.

Industry support
: Looks like the pendulum is swinging back in HD-DVD’s favor. As an analyst quoted in the article says: “It's only a matter of time before people start backing out of the Blu-ray camp." If that’s the case, it might be because of. . .

Beta-ray’s own difficulties: Microsoft had serious doubts around the technical feasibility and pricing of Beta-ray for some time and our fears now seem well founded. Sony is hinting PS3 will be delayed because of Beta-ray, and that’s with Sony driving the Beta-ray standards. If even Sony can’t get it to work right, it raises lots of questions. A little reported fact (and one that the New York Times was confused about) is that the first Beta-ray discs will actually hold less: only 25GB compared to HD DVD’s 30GB. That means less room for high definition extras and interactive features, which HD DVD says they fully intend to support."

Readers are picking apart this piece, so I wouldn't start busting out the Beta-rays to your Sony fanboy friends just yet, although it does have a nice ring. Of course, last week we learned that Microsoft secretly wants HD-DVD to tank just so they can drag down both formats.