Xbox 360 premium bundle could ship with 100 GB HDD this spring

Xbox 360 HDD (20 GB)

A new rumor, stemming from an alleged New Jersey Best Buy employee, claims that the Xbox 360 Premium bundle will ship with a 100 GB hard drive beginning in April. The "tip" reports that Best Buy store managers have been instructed to hold off from selling Premium bundles until next month when the upgraded package will be officially unveiled. However, the tipster was careful to note, "[The] 100 GIG HDD is not 100% offical [sic]."

It's hard to believe that Microsoft would initiate this move at this time. The Premium bundle has been flying off of shelves (at least, in North America and Europe) with a 20 GB HDD. Why make the change? And more importantly, why piss off early adopters just four months after launch? Increasing the size of the bundled HDD is something Microsoft might explore after Sony has made an official announcement regarding the PS3's HDD or if large-scale episodic content starts to jump off. But for now, the releases of games like GRAW, Burnout, and the forthcoming Oblivion are gonna motivate hardware sales next month, not empty space.