HDBeat Podcast 005 - 03.17.06

Kevin C. Tofel
K. Tofel|03.19.06

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Kevin C. Tofel
March 19th, 2006
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HDBeat Podcast 005 - 03.17.06
HDBeat PodcastSince Ben and Kevin were too busy drinking on St. Patrick's Day to do the podcast in a Irish Pub, the show came on a Sunday. Plenty of news, both good and bad, on the HD-DVD front as well as the big Sony Playstation 3 debacle announcement. And what about that MovieBeam unit we keep bashing? Ben has had one so that tells you what you need to know, but we've got the details in the show.

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Ben Drawbaugh and Kevin C. Tofel

Ben Drawbaugh

48:35, 22 MB, MP3


Playstation 3 delay is official
Playstation 3: Coming to North America (and the world) in 2006
Sony Pictures isn't the only one that won't down-rez
Ultra-Multi to end the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray war
HD-DVD will launch with more of a whimper than a bang
HD-DVD might not be ready, but Netflix is
Sony Blu-Ray available for pre-order
HD Tivo - Series 3 release date?
MCE and DIRECTV Viiv in the works
Toshiba's new et20 HD projector
What is so difficult about LCoS?
Panasonic: HDMI control interface
Shopping for $900 LCD's
NBC gears up for NFL and "Today" show in HD
MovieBeam Review


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