Sprint Nextel outlines plans for dual-mode iDEN/CDMA and WiFi/CDMA phones

We use the word "outline" loosely here, since Sprint Nextel has so far mainly stated that a iDEN/CDMA phone is targeted for October and a WiFi/CDMA phone is due in the second half of the year. In the case of the former, things are really looking up for the iDEN push-to-talk addicts that might have felt a little jilted by the Sprint Nextel relationship. The phone will use iDEN merely for PTT functions, while Sprint's CDMA and EV-DO networks will take over the other operations. As for WiFi/CDMA, it looks like Sprint is planning on offering VoiP access for phones at use on people's home WiFi networks, but which can also operate on Sprint's cellular networks. Sprint also promised a limited rollout of 4G service in 2009, along with testing this summer of Qualcomm's MediaFLO live TV functions.

[Thanks, Toby U.]