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Engadget Podcast 074 - 04.04.06

Engadget Podcast 074 - 04.04.06 image
Engadget Podcast 074 - 04.04.06 image
Randall Bennett
Randall Bennett|April 4, 2006 2:08 PM
Podcast logoWe pumped out a quick podcast for you while we're out at CTIA -- so if you're trying to steer clear of all the cellphone news that's about to hit, you'll be cool with what we've got going on in the show this week. We're taking on Movielink's and CinemaNow's big online distribution announcement from Monday, initial UMPC pricing, Intel's community PC, the South Korean robot invasion, and, of course, Naomi Campbell -- back on Engadget for once again bludgeoning an assistant with a cellphone. We'll also do our usual call-ins and occasional on-air gadget review; up this week is the Moto Q. Care to see how Verizon's long delayed QWERTY handheld stands up to the Engadget test? Better listen up.

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Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Randall Bennett

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J J J - 'Suits' in Japan

52:41, 24.1 MB, MP3

00:19 - Seven major studios line up to sell movies online
06:11 - TabletKiosk And Samsung reveal UMPC pricing
11:54 - Intel proposes "Community PC" for rural India
18:44 - South Korea wants 100% robot market penetration by 2020
22:01 - Naomi Campbell back in court for throwing another phone at assistant
24:01 - Hands on with Motorola Q
29:34 - Listener Voicemail
47:15 - CTIA and the week ahead


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