Leaked shots of Sony's PSone emulator for the PSP

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Paul Miller
April 6, 2006 5:43 PM
Leaked shots of Sony's PSone emulator for the PSP
We can't call these pics 100 percent legit, or even 57.5 percent legit, but we can call them what they claim to be: pics of the forthcoming PSone emulator download store for the PSP. According to the fairly convincing screenshots, games cost will $15 each -- which sounds steep, but not unreasonable -- and will even be able to do multiplayer via WiFi networking. Of course, there's still no word on when this will be actually available, and the pics are from a tipster's "friend" who works as a "designer at Sony" (yeah, haven't heard that one before), which doesn't lend a whole lot of cred, but we'll let the pics speak for themselves.

[Via PSP Fanboy]
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