Ad critic: Lara's booty too big to believe? [update 1]

Vladimir Cole
V. Cole|04.14.06

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Ad critic: Lara's booty too big to believe? [update 1]

As promised, this is the second weekly installment of a series of posts in which we invite you to rip ads apart after we rip them out of magazines.

Pictured here, a two-page spread that appeared in the April 2006 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (click for a high-res image). There are actually several variations of this same ad in gaming magazines, but all of them feature Lara Croft's ample posterior, a bootylicious bundle of badonka-donk so large it serves as a friggin' grenade shelf. You might even say it's the bomb. At least that's the sort of salacious thinking that the ad invites.

What do you think of the ad? Does it succeed? Will it sell games? What does "seeing is believing" mean, exactly? Is it really all about the ass? Sure, we know that game quality ultimately sells games, so let's avoid talking about the quality of the game itself. What we want to get at here is whether this ad succeeds or fails to interest you in purchasing a copy of this game.

Gloves off! Go to!

[Update 1: fixed a small typo that nobody else noticed, but that bugged the heck out of me.]

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