LG applies for "drawer phone" with motorized slider

Evan Blass
E. Blass|04.16.06

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LG applies for "drawer phone" with motorized slider
LG has just filed a patent for a new type of slider phone wherein a motorized, protective covering containing the microphone and antenna slides up to reveal the screen and keypad, and of course, extend the antenna. Called a "drawer-type" phone, this design supposedly offers numerous advantages over traditional form factors, taking the best attributes of different phone styles while attempting to minimize their shortcomings. For instance, a drawer phone maintains the compact profile of a flip phone or slider while in a bag or pocket, while at the same time situating the mic closer to your mouth when in-use, a la some of the better candybar mobiles. You also get the screen protection and dual display benefits of a clamshell, because the sliding section contains a clear window, but none of the finger strain involved with manually opening and closing the flip. This design definitely seems to have its benefits, but since this patent has a long way to go before being approved, we're not sure when or even if we'll ever see it in production.

[Via Mobiledia]
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