Treo Hollywood nothing but a rumor?

Evan Blass
E. Blass|04.19.06

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Treo Hollywood nothing but a rumor?
Brighthand, a site we happen put a good deal of credence in, is reporting that "very reliable sources" have informed them that there is no such creature as the Treo Hollywood. The Hollywood, which first appeared in a Saigo Investments report last year along with another model known as the Lowrider, was said to be a more stylish 3G-enabled Treo for the antenna-hating European market. Even more intriguing were pictures that have been steadily leaking out of an antenna-free Treo with blue highlights that were said to be Hollywood, but which Brighthand is now discounting as possibly just a restyled GSM version of the 700w. Stay tuned to this station folks, because Palm's plans for this year just got a lot more open-ended.
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