Ogo a go in Germany with CT-17 for 1&1

Marc Perton
M. Perton|04.27.06

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Marc Perton
April 27th, 2006
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IXI Mobile has made good on its MacArthur-like promise to return to the mobile messaging arena, with the launch of the CT-17 in Germany. As previously reported, the handheld will be selling for about $60, with monthly plans, marketed through 1&1 as the Pocket Web service, starting at about $12. Unlike IXI's original effort, the text-centric AT&T Ogo (which IXI still markets in some countries), the CT-17 has broad support for a range of services, including web access and voice features (via an external headset). Voice and web functions were among the reasons for the original Ogo's failure to catch on (that and the fact that AT&T sort of lost interest in it amid the company's acquisition by Cingular). PocketWeb is being positioned as a lower-cost competitor to products like the Sidekick and BlackBerry, and with the new features and attractive pricing, the Ogo may just be a go this time around.

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