Pure Digital's Point & Shoot Video Camera

If you're not sure you want to spend $30 for one of those single-use video cameras -- with the prospect of spending another $13 for a 20 minute DVD of your footage -- but still would like to do some video on the cheap, Pure Digital is releasing a standalone version of their video camera for a mere $130. The new Point & Shoot Video Camcorder bumps video storage to 30 minutes, and includes a USB connector to offload video to your PC using included software that can email clips to friends and relatives. There's also a TV connector cable to watch clips straight off the camera, or you can always drop off the camera to have a DVD made, the difference being that you get the camera back this time. Now available at Target, the camera still isn't going to do much more than a decent digital camera or phone can pull off these days, but it doesn't seem a bad option for the tech-phobic or in risky situations you wouldn't want to stick your $1000 camera into.