So, how about that MacBook launch?

As recently as yesterday, the rumor mill was turning with discussions of the MacBook, Apple's Core Duo-based successor to the iBook, which was said to be coming today. However, yesterday also brought us the first inklings of a "delay" (can an unconfirmed, rumored event actually be delayed?), via AppleInsider. Today, ThinkSecret joined the delay party, and reported that due to "supply issues," the launch was postponed at the "last minute," and the new laptop won't show up until next Tuesday. We suspect that Apple never planned to launch it today in the first place; after all, the company doesn't like to share the limelight, and launching today would have forced it to vie for coverage with the likes of Microsoft and Nintendo. Still, we can't help but feel sorry for anyone who shows up at tomorrow's CompUSA seminar on the "new iBooks" -- not to mention the poor schlub who actually has to push last year's models as the "go-anywhere digital solution."

("MacBook" design by William W from our WWJD 3 contest.)

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