Seen around eFocus event

Sarah J. Gim
S. Gim|05.10.06

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Seen around eFocus event
Seen around eFocus event

We stopped by the eFocus event over at the California Mart in LA's Fashion District. Just a few snapshots of what we saw... 

 Alienware in a Superman costume:

Alien in a costume. Okay, this was the Club Neverdie spokesmodel:

Aw, cute! But not as cute as the Strawberry Shortcake titles that were on the other end of the table:

Aw, even cuter! These two *ahem* journalists were giggling their way through interviews around the room:

Pioneer sound demo:

Skateboarding "demo" on stage against the back wall. Sk8r boi wanted his picture taken. I obliged:

Those I4U News girls sure do get around:

Social butterfly Dean Takahashi, whom we saw out partying last night, too, stopped for a photo for us before running off to the Nintendo party at the Highlands. Party King:

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