HDTV Scrubs on NBC?

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HDTV Scrubs on NBC? image
HDTV Scrubs on NBC? image
That's the rumor, I didn't get a chance to see tonights season finale but for those of you who did, was anything different? A couple of HD Beat readers caught it and saw it was in HD. If you don't already know, Scrubs has been one the shows I most want to see in high definition, so I certainly hope they aren't playing with my emotions.

Taking a look at the NBC website, the aptly named "My Transition" episode is marked as an HDTV broadcast. Hopefully this means a full sixth season of 1080i goodness, check TV Squad's interview with cast member John C. McGinley for more info about Scrubs behind the scenes.

Thanks Rick for the shot of widescreen Scrubs from his HDTV and camera phone!
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