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Apple MacBook reviewed

Apple MacBook reviewed
Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|May 19, 2006 11:22 PM
Alright, after a week of everyone going crazy-go-nuts (or not) over those new MacBooks from Apple, we've got our first review from the boy at Ars Technica. They're rather glowing in their praise, but that might just be due to the high amounts of heat this things puts out. That's right, for all their laptop innovations Apple doesn't seem to have managed to figure out how to keep these Dual Cores cool, and it looks like you might have to resort to thermal paste shenanigans to keeps this thing cool enough to sit on your lap. Also, in Notebook Review's first impressions writeup of the MacBook they encountered serious instability from heat, making the laptop almost unusable. The only other serious problems Ars had with the MacBook were the relatively slow integrated graphics -- even though they were able to run more casual gaming titles just fine in OS X and Windows XP -- and the love it or hate it glossy screen. Otherwise, the laptop looks like quite the deal and a decent performer. Along with that redesigned keyboard, the MacBook has a wider trackpad (how big are these things going to get?) and has an ability to do a "right click" by placing two fingers on the pad and clicking. The iSight, MagSafe and Front Row aren't anything different from the MacBook Pro, which is to their credit. In benchmarks the MacBook performs much closer to the MacBook Pro than its iBook predecessor, and its easy expandability and multitude of pro-ish features make it fairly easy to recommend -- if you can stand the heat.

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