MacBook Pros overheating due to thermal grease?

Ryan Block
R. Block|05.01.06

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MacBook Pros overheating due to thermal grease?
This isn't the first time the accusation's been leveled at a company: misapplication of thermal grease causing overheating hardware got a bunch of Xbox 360 fans in a furor over what turned out to be intentional manufacture. Well, a Something Awful forum poster by the name of Interrupting Moss was having (unintentional) thermal issues with his own overheating 129° F MacBook Pro, so he cracked it open and found a dearth of silvery paste. He generously reapplied his own and re-gauged the temperature at 103° -- a 26 degree drop, and that's only an IR reading of the keyboard area. Is this a cure-all for overheating MacBooks the world over? Hard to say, but if your MacBook is too hot to handle (certainly not too cold to hold), you might consider a more mano a la máquina approach before you wait in line to talk to a Genius just to have him/her whisk away your precious laptop for who knows how long. [Warning: link possibly NSFW]

[Via The Inq]
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