Polaroid's MGX-0550: GPS and DVD combo

You know, it's still hard to get used to a new Polaroid product doing anything other than snapping pics. Well those are days long gone, so blot your eyes old timers and check the new MGX-0550 -- Polaroid's new SiRFstar III, WAAS-enabled, 12-channel GPS and DVD / CD playin' combo device. That 5.6-inch touchscreen delivers your choice of kid squelching vids or the most relevant of the pre-loaded maps covering the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. And yeah, the MGX-0550 will interrupt your media fix to provide the latest navigation instructions over its built-in FM transmitter through your car stereo system. When you arrive, be sure to drag the MGX-0550 along since DVDs will play for another 3 hours off rechargeable battery. No pricing or availably yet, but then again, how much do you care?