Phil Harrison sez PS3 will make you ditch your computer

Once again, we're hoping something is missing in translation here, but we've got the latest from the trenches in Sony's never-ending hype war of attrition; Phil Harrison, Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, apparently told Spiegel, the following, which was translated from English to German, then back as the following (which we cleaned up a tiny bit): "We believe that the PS3 will be the place where our users play, watch films, browse the Web... The PlayStation 3 is a computer. We do not need the PC." Seriously? We translated the page a few different ways and times, same result. Do you really mean to say the PlayStation 3, which, granted, will run a flavor of Linux, will make us drop our PCs off at the corner because it can browse the web and play back movies? Phil, c'mon, work with us here. As long as you and your cronies are going to keep on making these crazed, bombasticSim Wong Hoo-likestatements, we're gonna keep reporting it; and then our kind readers are gonna think we're all hating on Sony and stuff, but really we're trying to expose the folly of what's really at hand. Seriously Sony, Phil, Ken, you guys need let the product stand on their own two feet. We're gonna suggest the Nintendo method on this one; enough with the superlative language and let the product sell itself.

[Via VideoGamesBlogger]

Update: thanks to our dear, sweet German speaking audience (yes, we're read internationally -- who knew?) it's becoming increasingly glear that our translation-bot didn't facilitate an accurate quotation here, (surprise, surprise). Essentially the answer Phil gave was along the lines of using the PS3 to attack some of the more commonly used PC functionalities, and that Sony's emphasis is on entertainment, not just gaming. Ok, that's cool, but that's still a helluva money quote.