Sharp W-ZERO3 spawns new variant

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|06.06.06

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Sharp W-ZERO3 spawns new variant
Our esteemed colleagues holding down Engadget Japanese have uncovered the WS004SH, a refreshed version of Sharp's would-be Universal killer, the W-ZERO3. Internal flash is up from 128 to 256MB (giving the user about 197MB of that to play with), and MSFP is now included out of the box. The real draw here for existing owners, though, are the new colors: pearl white and gunmetal gray. The back of the new model's body will feature the "Intel Inside" logo, reportedly the first time it's ever been used on a portable device. Now put a "Centrino Duo" logo on there right next to it, and you can consider our flight to Japan booked.
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