LG's XNOTE S1-P555K laptop with HD DVD player

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Thomas Ricker
June 13th, 2006
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LG's XNOTE S1-P555K laptop with HD DVD player

Somewhere in the world LG is showing off their new XNote S1-P555K laptop sporting one of them newfangled HD DVD players. No surprise to see non-Blu-ray product rolling out of LG after inking that HD-DVD patent sharing deal with Toshiba. She's said to tote a 1680 x 1050 pixel resolution, Core Duo processor, ATI X1600 graphics with 256MB dedicate VRAM, Component video, and of course, that sweet, sweet HD DVD love. And with a "15.1-inch" screen, this lappie can almost be classed as ultra-portable when compared to the 17 and 20 plus-inch HD DVD beasts rolled out thus far. However, judging by that picture, Akihabara News either made a typo or that model is crazy small. Taking linear perspective into account, we're leaning towards the former dontchathink? Be your own judge and check the snaps after the break.

Update: We tracked down the (unlinkable) press release and yeah, she's damn small. That's a 15.4-inch HD DVD laptop with numeric keypad, aight.

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