8 year old succumbs to texting-induced RSI

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|06.15.06

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8 year old succumbs to texting-induced RSI
In a possible sign that the end-times are near, grade school students in the UK are said to be developing repetitive stress injuries from incessant texting. Gradeschooler Isabelle Taylor, who seems more fit for a textless Migo than the old-school Nokia she's toting, was diagnosed with tendiopathy after complaining of pain in her wrists and fingers. Sadly, little Isabelle took a cue from her hopelessly addicted BlackBerry-wielding elders: "I'm not going to stop. Me and all my friends talk to each other with texts, so I can't not text them." Her chiropractor says he sees "two cases a month" like Isabelle's, and stories of SMS RSI are nothing new -- but by golly, eight years old?

[Via textually.org]
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