Onkyo CR-D1 wireless bookshelf system with iPod dock

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Thomas Ricker
June 16th, 2006
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Onkyo CR-D1 wireless bookshelf system with iPod dock

It's not everyday you see a wireless bookshelf system like this one from Onkyo. This mini HiFi features a 60W x 2 VL Digital amplifier with Wolfson DAC, FM tuner (no AM), CD player, and the DS-A1 iPod dock option to connect and control your iPod via the CR-D1's remote control. It also pumps your PC tunes wirelessly out the D-D1E 2-way speaker pair when coupled with the optional UWL-1 module and USB dongle. And if that's not enough, she brings plenty of other expansion capabilities with 1 x optical, 3 x RCA, and stereo mini-jack inputs as well as 1 x optical, 2 x RCA, subwoofer, and headphone outputs. The system will set you back ¥104,200 or about $907 when it drops July 15th in Japan.

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