Akimbo still in the game with a new RCA box and MovieLink content

Akimbo, as we all know, made their debut as a set-top box maker, entering the market with lukewarm reviews (at best), and a slew derisive criticism about set-top box saturation, and the need for Akimbo pushing their IPTV content platform onto HTPCs (much of which probably came from this here camp). Which, of course, they did -- unlike TiVo, which should have ported their platform to PCs long, long ago -- as Akimbo says this was always a part of their master plan. Apparently their early STB was just a way to get their platform in the market, but besides their integration with AT&T's forthcoming HomeZone service they've also got a new RCA box on the way, slated to feature an 80GB drive, Ethernet, S-Video, composite, component, digital audio out, and USB for a WiFi adapter. No, it won't have high definition support (yet), but it will indeed be able to suck down MovieLink content if you don't feel like waiting around for the mysterious Netflix box and/or download service to appear one of these years (or just snagging Vongo for your Windows PC today). When the RCA box drops this fall you'll apparently be able to get your Akimbo on, yet again, for between $200 and $300.

[Via Zatz Not Funny]