Manly site lists 10 manliest games of all time

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Christopher Grant
June 27th, 2006
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Manly site lists 10 manliest games of all time
Manly site lists 10 manliest games of all time
We've grown to understand the internet is full of crazy places; if you can imagine it, there's a site for it. So we were perhaps a little taken aback -- but not outright shocked -- when we stumbled across Arthur's Hall of Viking Manliness, a site about (you guessed it!) being manly. With thoughtful articles like "Spreading the Gospel of Chew" and "Women Who Smoke are Whores," Arthur's Hall is not for the unmanly.

How exciting then, that they've focused that same manly acumen to lift up -- with huge, sweaty, rippling biceps -- the "10 Manliest Video Games Ever" from obscurity into whatever part of Valhalla is reserved for such notable artifacts. The list itself is notable for its sheer size. At over 4000 words, it's a manly screed in defense of games with a certain amount of manly violence and difficulty, with an admitted 8-bit bias. Why an 8-bit bias? Because "modern manly games like God of War are only pretenders." Got it, wimp?

Their choice for manliest game ever: the classic, 8-bit shooter Contra ... now you're talking manly. The manly way to play it: no Konami code, no Spread gun, just two shirtless dudes, with pixelated abs so hard they look like they were carved from stone, hanging out in the jungle together ... what's not manly about that?

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