Xbox 360 getting an HDMI port soon?

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Xbox 360 getting an HDMI port soon? image
Xbox 360 getting an HDMI port soon? image
That is the latest rumor from Xbox-Scene, who were also sent the requisite fuzzy picture of what is purported to be an Xbox 360 motherboard with HDMI-out equipped. No word from the anonymous source if this is actually coming soon (or ever), if it could be part of the HD DVD-equipped Xbox 360 that isn't planned, or just a mockup of some kind. We also don't know if this would be a deep color 1080p capable HDMI 1.3 output or...well really anything at all just yet but it makes for an interesting picture. Do you need a digital output on your next-gen console or are you proudly analog forever?

[Via Engadget]
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