d-Media's G4 portable GPS/DAP

As portable GPS devices are doing more and costing less, fewer people are stopping at unknown gas stations for directions and more GPS companies are beefing up their product lines. Taiwan-based company d-Media has released an upgrade to their older G3 model, predictably named the G4, which we'll probably never see here in the US. That said, the new unit boasts a 4-inch 480 x 272 TFT touch screen, IR remote, microSD expansion slot, voice recorder and Bluetooth. Not wanting to fall behind the media-obsessed times, they 've also crammed in support for MP4 video, MP3 audio and digital photos your passengers can enjoy when the unit isn't giving you directions in one of its 16 compatible languages. According to the product page, all that plus features like e-compass and G sensor, which help keep those directions coming even when a tunnel takes you out of satellite range, make this a device you "can't take your eye off." Wait, doesn't this thing go on your dashboard?