Engadget Podcast 082 - 07.16.2006

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After nearly two months hiding out in the wilderness, the Engadget podcast returns! This week we're on a strictly portable tip. We've got some hot-off-the-presses scoops on Microsoft's Zune -- its forthcoming iPod-hunting wireless audio/video media player. T-Mobile customers also finally get their hands on the Sidekick 3, Peter discusses his new relationship with the Treo 700p, and Palm announces a new Windows Media Treo for the European market. We'll be taking another brief break as Pete heads to Europe to hit up the Amsterdam meetup (and take a much needed vacation) but the Podcast is back, no doubt about it.

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Host: Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Producer: Trent Wolbe

Music: Solvent - Instructograph (Ghostly International)

Format: 44:33, 20.4 MB, MP3

07:28 - Microsoft's media player dubbed Zune
25:24 - Sidekick 3 available to current T-Mobile customers
28:55 - Pete gets a 700p
33:06 - Palm announces WM5-powered Treo for Vodafone
21:34 - Record labels sue XM over Inno recording
30:00 - Sony gets official on new Vaio UX Micro PC
38:28 - Engadget Reader Meetup in Amsterdam on July 20th


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