Palm announces WM5-powered Treo for Vodafone

Evan Blass
E. Blass|07.13.06

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Palm announces WM5-powered Treo for Vodafone
So Palm has officially announced one of those three Treos we were promised at the end of last year, and just as we expected, this Windows Mobile 5 AKU2-powered model will be sold exclusively overseas. Unfortunately the company neglected to include a detailed spec sheet in its press release -- more information will be available closer to the as-yet-unspecified launch date -- so all we really know at this point is that it's destined for Vodafone's 3G UMTS network in several European countries. Also unclear is how this model relates to other upcoming Treos we've seen under such codenames as Hollywood, Lowrider, Nitro, and Lennon -- we sure wish Palm would be a little more forthcoming with its product roadmaps. As usual, though, you can always count on us to bring you every little bit of Treo news we get our hands on, even if Palm and friends don't give us much help putting it in context.

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