Apple wants more iPod ready cars

Scott McNulty
S. McNulty|07.18.06

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Scott McNulty
July 18, 2006 2:00 AM
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Apple wants more iPod ready cars
Bob Borchers, who is the senior director of iPod worldwide product marketing, told CNET that Apple is interested in making the use of iPods in cars much easier. Apple thinks that the mess of cables and such that accompany current solutions can be done better with factory installed iPod option in cars. He did make clear that Apple has no interest in entering the market of iPod car accessories but that Apple is working with third party vendors to make the experience better.

Also of note is Borchers' statement that Apple is very happy that people are turning their Mac minis into carputers.

No word if the Aero 8 will have an iPod dock or built in Mac mini anytime soon.

[via iLounge]
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