Opera browser optional?

Jason Wishnov
J. Wishnov|07.19.06

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Opera browser optional?
A message in my alpha-bits.The official Nintendo of Japan website was recently updated with some new information. Thanks to the Babel Fish, implanted in the skulls of all Wii Fanboy staff members, an accurate translation is as follows.
  • 512MB of internal flash memory for storing applications, data, etc.
  • Opera browser (optional)
  • Short start-up times for applications stored in flash memory, such as virtual console games and the browser.
That's interesting. Nintendo will certainly not offer two retail packages that differ only in the inclusion of a piece of software, and we doubt the browser will be sold as a traditional game at retail outlets. Therefore, the probable scenario is that Nintendo will offer the Opera browser as a download through their Virtual Console service, and most likely make you pay to do it. While we gnash our teeth, we also understand that those guys at Opera want a piece of the pie...and hopefully, it won't be terribly expensive.
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