iRiver rumor roundup

Evan Blass
E. Blass|07.21.06

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iRiver rumor roundup
Straight from the rumor mill to your brain: Korean forums are buzzing about a pair of upcoming devices from iRiver, one of which is being touted as the world's smallest DAP with a screen, while the other sounds like a W10-esque palmtop that will supposedly be running some flavor of Windows. Obviously deets are very thin at this point -- and the pictured mock-ups that look like cocktail napkin sketches don't help much -- but apparently the MP3 player will be a followup to the pendant-style N10 and N11 / N12 models that are already available, and is said to "focus on size, not features," meaning that MobiBlu and Klegg need not fear an equally-diminutive competitor with video playback (or even a color screen, for that matter). Even more interesting than the so-called N20 is a product being referred to as the J10, which could be anything from a Windows Mobile-powered PDA to a UMPC running the full version of XP Tablet Edition, and which is rumored to sport both a DMB tuner and of course the WiBro functionality that iRiver has so much love for. We wish that we had some more info for you -- and, like, some real pics -- but we're committed to bringing you only the freshest of gossip, even if there's very little evidence to support it. Keep reading to check out seven of the supposed sixteen designs that are being considered for the "J10," and stay tuned for more details as they become available...

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