Wii preorder list at Game Crazy

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|07.25.06

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Wii preorder list at Game Crazy
Go Nintendo has a list of purported Wii titles available for preorder from Game Crazy, and the fight over accuracy is in full swing. One commenter already blasted it as a fake, and another claims to be the source and says that many of the titles are placeholders only -- and the prices seem to be as well (I need my Wii Sports for less than $50!). But fake or not, the list is still enough to ratchet up some Wii excitement -- particularly regarding Sadness. From the comments at Go Nintendo, it seems the veil of utter secrecy surrounding the game's publisher remains firmly in place ... but we recommend studying the list itself. As a lineup, it doesn't seem too far off, so the cries that it's as fake as an Elmyr painting may be misdirection. But then again, maybe the fake cries of fakery -- uh. Right. So, there's a list. And it may or may not be fake.

Is it wrong to admit that I would probably play Duck Hunt until my hands cried out in protest? Ah, a return to the pure simplicity of blasting away waterfowl while an annoying dog laughs at your aim. Good times.
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