PSP Top 10 for June 2006

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Andrew Yoon
July 31st, 2006
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PSP Top 10 for June 2006

What is wrong with you people? I hope that you all acknowledge the error of your ways and buy some good games... fast.

Last Month Current Rank Title Publisher Release Date Average Price
** 1 Cars THQ Jun-06 $39
3 2 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Take-Two Oct-05 $40
6 3 Monster Hunter: Freedom Capcom May-06 $40
1 4 MLB '06: the Show Sony Mar-06 $40
4 5 Field Commander Sony Online Ent. May-06 $40
2 6 Daxter Sony Mar-06 $40
** 7 FIFA World Cup 2006 Electronic Arts May-06 $40
** 8 Need for Speed: Most Wanted Electronic Arts Nov-05 $40
** 9 NBA Live 06 Electronic Arts Oct-05 $30
9 10 SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo Sony Nov-05 $40
With Tekken and Valkyrie Profile out this month, I expect some big changes to this list. If Cars is number one again, then you go to bed without cookies!

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