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Meraki Mini WiFi router also does mesh

Meraki Mini WiFi router also does mesh
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|August 3, 2006 5:55 PM
Just because WiFi's like, so over doesn't mean you can't spice it up a bit, say, maybe with some mesh networking? Borne of MIT Roofnet project heritage and part time consultants on the OLPC (no doubt regarding its mesh networking system), startup Meraki's forthcoming Mini wireless router stands to make some waves (har) when it's out of beta. Intended to cost a mere fifty bucks when it's finished being developed, the Meraki Mini will provide not only the vanilla 802.11b/g access we're all so accustomed to but will also act as a node in a wireless mesh network capable of providing a viable wireless backbone, pushing out the reaches of muni WiFi networks, or even starting up a pirate pay-for-use Hotspot zone. Mesh-enabled WiFi rollouts are not a new concept, but at $50 apiece things start to change for the companies charging hundreds for their devices -- and change even more when you make the hackable, semi-open source WiFi mesh devices available to your everyday consumer.

[Via GigaOM]
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