It's only a PS3 model

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|08.12.06

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It's only a PS3 model
Ssh! An article over on Games Radar starts out with: "We've got a PS3 - and here it is rubbing shoulders with Xbox 360 for the first time ever!" Unfortunately, the author quickly clarifies that the object in their possession is decidedly less functional than a full retail model. After all, their "PS3" is made of wood, a substance not widely known to be a key component in the next generation of gaming (that would be marketing).

Nevertheless, the unseemly piece of tree makes for a good size comparison to the Xbox 360 and should aid you in conjuring up fantasies of the system residing in your living room. Some choice words used to describe its appearance are "bigger," "taller," "fatter" and "awkward" -- certainly useful information should you be in the habit of judging a console by its looks or beating your enemies to death using video game systems. Either way, you'll likely want to examine the 16 comparison shots closely.

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