Yet another classics compilation, this time from EA

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Yet another classics compilation, this time from EA
If the upcoming Capcom Classics Reloaded or the insanely awesome Sega Genesis Collection aren't enough retro games for you, then you might want to check out EA's offering. Gamespot recently spotted a Gamestop listing (these names always confuse me) called EA Replay, and it should feature the following games:

B.O.B.--1993--SNES and Genesis
Desert Strike--1993--SNES and Genesis
Jungle Strike--1993--SNES and Genesis
Haunting Starring Polterguy--1993--Genesis
Mutant League Football--1993--Genesis
Road Rash--1992--Genesis, later on 3DO
Road Rash II--1993--Genesis
Road Rash III--1995--Genesis
Syndicate--1995--SNES, 3DO, Jaguar
Ultima: The Black Gate--1994--SNES
Virtual Pinball--1993--Genesis
Wing Commander--1993--SNES
Wing Commander: The Secret Missions--1993--SNES

While these may franchises may not be as famous as Sonic or Street Fighter, there are still some heavy-hitters there. Personally, I can't wait to get back into Road Rash, while many should get excited about Wing Commander. But, compared to Sega's 30 game offering, will EA's less than blockbuster lineup be able to compete?
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