Sony at fault for another Dell-style T2300E switchup?

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Paul Miller
August 17th, 2006
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Sony at fault for another Dell-style T2300E switchup?
Well, aren't Sony and Dell just two peas in a pod. After getting dragged into the muck by Dell's recent battery recall, Sony is once again following the mega-manufacturer into another bit of scandal: the great T2300/T2300E switchup of 2006. Apparently, Sony's SZ2 laptops are subject to the same confusion that scored Dell a class-action lawsuit from some disgruntled consumers China. Their extensive marketing material purportedly claims a VT-happy T2300 chip, while forum buzz so far makes it sound like most purchasers ended up with the slightly cheaper T2300E. Since Intel replaced the T2300 with the T2300E in June, it's understandable that some manufacturers might fail to update their marketing material accordingly, and we're sure Sony and Dell weren't the only ones to do so. From the sounds of the Dell debacle, all Sony needs to do is quickly provide an apology and a replacement/refund option to the small amount of consumers that care for VT functionality or just want the satisfaction of getting the entirety of their laptop dollar. Or they could just do things Dell style, and deny the whole affair until it gets messy.

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