Dell recall prompts inquiry into all Sony laptop batteries

Just as we suspected, Dell may not be the only manufacturer recalling countless batteries due to fire hazards, as the Sony-made lithium-ions are also found in laptops from Apple, HP, and Lenovo, not to mention a variety of other consumer electronics products. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission acknowledged on Tuesday that the batteries "are not unique to just the Dell notebook computers," and have launched a review of all Sony laptop cells manufactured between April 2004 and June of this year. Some manufacturers, like Apple, claim to be looking into the matter on their own, while others -- namely HP -- have publicly distanced themselves from the affair by stating that "It's a Dell issue." Sony itself also believes the problem is limited to batteries in Dell PCs, while Lenovo seems to be side-stepping the recall with claims that "we have not seen any unusual pattern of problems in our notebooks." Although it's true that the recent spateoftoastylappies does indeed seem confined to machines from the Texas-based manufacturer, we have a hard time believing that Sony was only sending crappy batteries to Dell while everyone else got quality product. That being said, we're anxious to hear the results of the CPSC's inquiry, but until that time, we certainly won't be so cavalier about keeping our notebooks powered up 24/7, regardless of branding.