Pentax Optio A20 and M20 bump the megapixels

Not a whole lot to see here -- other than pixels, of course. Pentax is squeezing a few more megapixels out of their Optio A and M series with the new 10 megapixel A20 and 7 megapixel M20, bumped from 8 and 6 megapixels respectively. The A20 is also privy to Shake Reduction, High ISO and Movie Anti-shake technologies, while the M20 manages a High ISO mode, all targeted and sharpening up those action shots or shaky-cam moments. Most of the other specs remain rather mundane, such as 2.5-inch LCDs and 3x zoom lenses, though SDHC is a nice addition, and both cameras do seem to have slimmed down just a bit. Otherwise it doesn't look like these consumer shooters have much more to offer than their predecessors, and the prices haven't budged much either, with the M20 shipping in September for $200, and the A20 following in October for $350. Check a pic of the M20 after the break.