Brain Age wins an Edge award

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|08.23.06

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Brain Age wins an Edge award

Brain Age has been a success since its release, trying to get people back on their feet in fast thinking. A game where wisdom doesn't exactly come with age, Brain Age recently took home an award from Edge Magazine for innovative gameplay and the "willingness to aim higher and try something new."

David Yarton, General Manager for the UK branch of Nintendo, put it rather well when he said:

"In the past, people said that Nintendo was staid and conservative, but we've shown that we're heading in a different direction from others in the industry with fresh and original ideas. Only Nintendo could make arithmetic fun."

With all the recognition Brain Age received, we wonder what other wonderful things will come out of Nintendo to try and reach such a wide variety of people. Soon, our great grandmothers will be screaming colors at their Nintendo DS.

[Via DS Mania]

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