Blu-ray makes good on its promise... lots of storage! [Update 1]

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|08.23.06

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Blu-ray makes good on its promise... lots of storage! [Update 1]
We heard about a supposed graphical boost for Resistance: Fall of Man late last week and the boost is very true. In fact, the game is taking up about 22GB of space on the PS3's Blu-ray disc. That's 7 whole GB's more than an HD-DVD disc, which isn't even being used as a standard format for games yet. Just a side-by-side, the Xbox 360's games top off around 8GB. Further, most PC titles only go up to 7GB. So why the insane jump in size? Is it necessary? Some space could be filler, difficult programming or what-have-you (we all know our computers aren't as "full" as they say they are). The grand total may be lowered a little, possibly to 20GB. Just a shot in the dark, though.

So what's the deal with the game now? Aside from the high-res graphics and orchestral music boost, Sony and Insomniac Games are boasting a few other key selling points. Namely:

  • tilt-function will let you rifle butt aliens with a quick jab o' your controller
  • online support exceeding Xbox Live launch titles (that's not really a valid claim until it's tested, guys...)
    • 40 player online games
    • some sort of ranking system

It is definitely looking good! But looks only go so far. How will it play? We've only a few months until we find out.

[Thanks to VJ as well from his comment and link on the previous Resistance: FoM article!]

[Update: fixed interpretation of online experience, changed HD-DVD comparison to single layer]
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