Canon unveils A710, A630 and A640 PowerShots

You can always count on Canon for some counter-intuitive model numbering, and their new PowerShot A710 IS (7.1 megapixel, pictured), A630 (8 megapixel) and A640 (10 megapixel) cameras seem privy to just such madness. All three consumer shooters feature 2.5-inch LCDs, but are otherwise divergent on features. While the A640 and 630 win out in the megapixel game, the A710 bests the others with 6x zoom (compared to 4x in its compatriots) and Canon's Image Stabilizer Technology -- the first in an A-Series model. All three cameras can manage SDHC memory cards and 30 fps VGA shooting, but it doesn't get much more exciting from there. As for price, the A710 and A640 are both hitting the $400 mark, while the A630 sneaks in for $300. We suppose all three cameras should be out this September along with the millions of other cameras being announced today. Keep reading for pics of the A640 and A630.

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